The financial and insurance industry CIOs are faced with an enormous number of challenges. HIPAA and the ACA have altered the landscape for insurance companies. Financial firms are just starting to adapt to Dodd-Frank, after spending over a decade conforming to Sarbanes-Oxley. For hedge funds, milliseconds can make the difference in a stock trade. In this high-pressure environment, how does the successful CIO keep their head above water when the costs for failure are so high? They find a technology partner that they can rely on for quality and integrity.

ComNet’s national footprint and commitment to quality make us the safe choice for financial institutions and insurance companies looking for a technology partner. We have a long history of supporting some of the largest organizations in the industry. The concept of risk management is integral to financial institutions and insurance companies. ComNet’s reputation for quality and integrity have made us their choice for over 30 years.


Working in a manufacturing facility involves significant risk and requires a technology partner that is experienced at adapting to these environments. Production activities can’t be impacted, and every activity must be viewed through the prism of job site safety. It takes years of real world experience for a technology partner to gain the skills necessary to navigate the risks of a manufacturing environment. Plant environments are seldom straightforward and work areas are rarely “standard”. The technology infrastructure often reflects decades of changes due to demolition and process re-configuration. When working in a manufacturing environment, creativity and flexibility are at a premium.

ComNet has 30+ years of experience supporting manufacturing clients. Our experience isn’t limited to a single industry. ComNet has supported pharmaceutical manufacturers, steel mills and heavy machinery assembly plants. These are collaborative efforts, often involving detailed discussions about design and installation. ComNet’s manufacturing clients have learned to engage us as a trusted advisor during the planning stage. Doing so saves our clients both time and money on the project in hand, and lays the proper foundation for future efforts.


Few industries are being forced to adapt as rapidly as Health Care. The Affordable Care Act has set in motion forces that will ripple through the industry for a decade or more. The challenge is enormous. How does a Health Care Provider continue to provide quality care in the face of an uncertain revenue stream and a mountain of regulatory requirements? Technology provides a number of possible solutions. However, selecting the right contractor is critical to the long-term success of any technology investment.

ComNet has a long history supporting Hospitals and the Health Care industry. We recognize the challenges and work closely with our clients to identify both the costs and benefits associated with their technology investments. ComNet’s ability to deploy field resources anywhere within the U.S. enables us to install the systems in a manner that minimizes the disruption to on-going operations and maximizes the value of the investment. We will then support and maintain the systems post-install.


The National Center for Education Statistics projects college enrollment to grow by 14% through 2022. The competition for new students will be fierce. There is no demographic more tech savvy than college students, and a University’s technology platform will be critical to their efforts to attract new students. How does a University or College stay ahead of the curve? They align themselves with a technology partner that is looking forward, not backward.

Universities and Colleges rely on ComNet because we are constantly learning and adapting. Having the ability to install today’s technology isn’t enough. Higher education institutions need a partner that will be with them on the path to tomorrow’s technology, and they rely on ComNet.


Operating a restaurant or fast food chain can be a dauntingly complicated task when seen from the perspective of a CIO. To meet consumer demand and market expectations, these dining establishments are forced to employ a wide range of Information Technologies. When the right deployment partner is engaged, technology can be deployed in a cost effective manner that is driven by the client’s business needs. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. All too often, technology rollouts are structured around the limitations of the deployment partner, resulting in escalating costs and disjointed efforts.

ComNet has the flexibility and experience to support any rollout effort. We work closely with our clients to generate the maximum ROI on their investment.


Hospitality owners operate within a highly competitive industry. They are faced with a constant struggle to lower the costs necessary to bring a new property on line. Successful hospitality owners rely on a technology partner that is focused on providing solutions. The right technology partner will bring value and solutions, which are critical to staying ahead of the competition.

ComNet’s history as a solutions provider has made us an industry leader within the Hospitality field. Property owners have a lot to worry about, and they need a technology partner that is committed to the success of their business. ComNet’s hospitality clients have come to rely on ComNet for our flexibility and professionalism.