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ComNet Communications places paramount importance on ensuring the personal safety and well-being of all individuals associated with the company, including employees, contract workers, subcontractors, and facility personnel. This commitment extends across every aspect of our operations, from workplace practices to project execution. We adhere rigorously to industry standards and best practices to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved. Through comprehensive training, risk assessment, and the implementation of robust safety protocols, we strive to mitigate hazards and promote a culture of safety consciousness. Our dedication to prioritizing personal safety underscores our core values and serves as a cornerstone of our organizational ethos.

Julio Torres - Safety Director

Operations Manager, Northeast / Safety Director

Safety Always.

ComNet Communications takes great pride in our safety culture. ComNet has taken a “Top Down” approach to safety. ComNet leadership has demonstrated a commitment to Zero Injury principles and has worked hard to rally the employee base around the idea that nothing is more important than health and safety.

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. We strive to provide the safest environment possible by continually improving our safety programs.

ComNet has enacted a Near-miss program. The object of this program is to review and analyze job site issues and educate the staff on how to avoid these issues in the future. Additionally, ComNet has instituted a Safety Champion program. One of our employees is nominated a Safety Champion each month by his or her peers, and if chosen he/she receives an award, plus accolades throughout the organization.

Communication and education are key to a healthy and safe work environment. ComNet has fostered the continuing safety education of our staff.  Through the guidance of OSHA approved materials, Toolbox talks, Lift Training, and CPR/AED/First Aid training ensure the most up to date procedures and techniques are instilled in our employees.


Safety is also a community effort. ComNet supports Stop Work Authority, which gives any employee the authority to stop work in circumstances that could result in injury or incident.

These programs are borne through our “worker-led” safety committees, again stressing that the entire company owns our safety program. We have made sure that Safety remains an important part of the culture at ComNet. It is paramount that we take a Safety Always approach. From training and equipment safety to daily check-ins and mental health awareness, ComNet’s Safety Program is a comprehensive feature of day-to-day operations.


Construction can be completed safely; however, safety cannot be a one-time thing; it must be an approach exercised at all times!


Glenn Wagner, CEO, ComNet Communications

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ComNet proudly participates in

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"When it comes to creating a safe and productive work environment, it is critically important that we are both physically and mentally focused, as individuals and as a team."

// Bill Bielmyer, Jr., COO, ComNet Communications

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