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Since 1984, ComNet Communications has been a leading provider of turnkey voice, data and video infrastructure support, from outside plant to inside structured cable installation.  As the need to upgrade and modernize communications systems has become more urgent, ComNet has remained at the forefront of the industry through sound management, hard work and strong values.  These principles have been ComNet's foundation for over 20 years.

At ComNet, we understand that the heart of our enterprise is our skilled workforce.  ComNet ensures sufficient manpower, equipment and expertise nationwide through our regional offices.  Our national account focus is supported through the use of internal  resources  together with our network of highly  qualified, local and regional  business  affiliates.  As a result, ComNet is able to provide communication cabling

and networking services at virtually any end-user location in the United StatesComNet has utilized manufacturer relationships to aid in training our staff as well as enabling the Company to provide system warranties required by many end-users.  ComNet's state-of-the-art BICSI Certified Training Center, located in Irving, Texas, supplements our continuing education program by offering certified training not only to ComNet personnel but to the public sector as well.

ComNet's integrity, expertise and ability to turn challenges into profitable growth opportunities is the foundation for our reputation and success in a demanding and changing industry.  Our dedication to customer service, our understanding of the most sophisticated technology and our attention to the slightest detail assures that our customers will always be connected to the future.





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